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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 22 September 2008 10:38

Your sermons are a frequent part of our homeschool days. My husband and I purchased your entire library. The children have become pros at taking sermons notes. My eight-year-old daughter cheers, jumps, and claps when she sees I am getting one of your DVDs. Both the children love your messages. I love how you always start with a story to draw them in. I have also used your sermons to help us train the baby to sit in church (he is now 2). I don't know where our family would be spiritually without your ministry. I will be ordering your new courtship messages in time for the coming school year!

C. A. & family, OH

I have a hair salon and keep your videos there. The customers watch them. Sometimes they borrow them.

We watch one of your videos every morning to begin our school.

The graphics are like word pictures. The message has a much stronger impact and it’s more effective!

We continue to share your ministry with several other families with troubled teens and troubled marriages.

Local counselors are finding your materials useful.

Your ministry has so blessed our home. We listen to your messages over and over.

I’d give my right arm if I had learned this when I was younger. We’re going to make these messages available to every family in our church!

Pastor in Illinois


Your teaching was tremendous for our church. Our teens are really excited!

Arkansas Pastor

There are 6 sets of your messages being passed around in our church! Please send us more!

A Christian Man in AL

The more I studied your material, the more encouraged I was … Thank you for your diligence in studying out the truths of Scripture and your gracious way in sharing them with others.

Internationally known Bible Teacher

Although I made my purchase somewhat blindly as I had never heard Pastor Davis speak before, I was very pleasantly surprised by the depth of spiritual insight and biblical basis of his teaching and preaching. The DVDs are very helpful and I thank God for you and your ministry.

Our 5 yr. old asks us to ‘pause’ the video when he needs to use the restroom! He doesn’t want to miss anything.

a Grateful Family

I had just listened to the audio CD the day before I had received the Videos. When I sat down to watch them with my children I was amazed at how much I had missed out on the day before by just listening instead of watching.

a grateful Mother

I thank God for the powerful impact that your messages continue to have on the many who are viewing them. The graphics certainly help your presentations.

A nationally known speaker

I can tell you from personally viewing the Dr. Davis’ videos that there is nothing ‘iffy’ about him. His preaching has had such an impact on our lives that we have ordered EVERYTHING he has!

They’re helping me out real good, Dad. They’re helping me a lot!

A Pastor’s teen son who viewed several videos to get help with a major problem in his life.

Our Pastor showed one of your videos at church and everyone just loved it!

All I can say is WOW! The subjects on these Videos are just what I needed. We show them during the Sunday School hour and the reactions are unreal. I plan on buying them all.

from St. Paul, AR

Yahoo! We are having a regular revival around these parts. Our family watches one Video after another and then our oldest children watch them again. We learn much from every teaching.

How thankful we are for your videos! They have refreshed, encouraged and convicted us as we endeavor to walk worthy of the Lord and please and glorify Him in our homes and lives. We just wanted you to know that your labor is not in vain.

Your videos have been a great blessing to many as we have shared them during various staff meetings and conferences. We have also been able to use these messages with many families and individuals who come from around the U.S. and Canada for counseling.

Counseling outreach leader

Telephone call: "I've never heard Dr. Davis but I'd like to order 15 of his DVD's. I was going to speak on the family and a pastor friend told me to order the DVD's - that Dr. Davis is someone I could really trust what he preaches - that it would always be Biblical and helpful."

I would like to have your newsletter sent to a few of my friends. How do I go about doing this? I also want to thank you all again for the many years your messages have blessed our hearts. We have been listening to audio tapes for over 9 years now and have listened to some of them so many times they do not work any longer. I was thrilled to see so many of Dr. Davis' messages on DVD and we are going to order them all. I made a huge dent in our wish list today, thanks to a blessing we received unexpectedly. We know that our investing in your series will be an ultimate investment in the lives of all of our children over time and therefore it is the best way we can spend our money. Thank you for making the DVD's so affordable when one buys many at a time. A $12 price tag is utterly amazing and I can promise you, my children who adore you and your messages as well (you are always requested during our school Bible devotional time), we will be watching your DVD's over and over and over again!

The testimonies of how God has used your messages to grow us in our specific times of need are too numerous and too long. Just yesterday, God revealed to us a horrible root of bitterness and anger in our 12-year-old son - he had been hiding it because he was ashamed and struggling. Not only did we know what do do because of how your sermons changed us and trained us in God's ways of dealing with anger, we will be able to work through this with him, and have him listen to your anger and bitterness sermons for his homeschool assignments over the next two weeks. Thank you for always being there for us in addition to the teachings of our own church. It's like a continuous feed of teaching, 24/7, on whatever topic we need (we had purchased your whole library a while back!).

WOW! What a blessing your messages have been to our family! It has been such an encouragement for our children. You have made an impact on ALL of us! - Father of 11 children

Our deepest thanks for the sermon "Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World." It has helped keep the enemy from claiming victory in our son's life.

I listened to the new "Loyalty" message and was under such conviction that I woke my husband up and told him my failures and asked his forgiveness. Our home has been very different the last few weeks.

I took a video with me to my Sunday prison stop and showed it to some men in our afternoon session and they were greatly encouraged.

Our family and church family have been greatly challenged and blessed by the video messages. The "Betrothal" series is the best explanation of Bible principles we have ever heard. Our children, ages 5 to 15, are eager to hear your messages. Our 5 year old asks us to pause the tape when he needs to use the restroom!

Our daughter is married and doing very well. Thank you for your part in her life in leading her to the right way to find God's mate.

Our 6 children are paired in elder-younger pairs. The elders have been given a project to exhibit each of your 10 points from your message, "The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones." You should see the looks of absolute joy on the little ones' faces!

I'd give my right arm if I had learned this when I was younger. We're going to make tapes available to every family in our church.

The message on "Freedom from the Spirit of Anger" has impacted our home in a great way!

I would like to recommend to you Dr. S.M. Davis' tapes and especially videos on courtship/betrothal. Dr. Davis very clearly explains the principles that relate to getting to the marriage altar and has answered every question I had and some things I had not thought about as well.

We have shared these tapes with a few families and they really enjoyed them. One lady we know has told us what a blessing they have been to her and her older son and how true and Biblical the teaching is. The graphics are really great and drive the points home.

I have a hair salon and keep your videos there. The customers watch them and sometimes they borrow them.

I thank God for the powerful impact your messages continue to have on the many who are viewing them. The graphics certainly helped the presentation.

You've put much effort, time, study, & prayer into this information. Our 11-year-old son Joshua is convinced that betrothal is the Lord's leading for his life. He listened every night to one sermon before he went to sleep.

Your video, "Changing the Heart of a Rebel," did just that for our son! I only regret we didn't hear it sooner so we could have prevented the whole thing!

The videos I ordered were excellent. My children, my wife, & I watched & discussed them. A great blessing!

We have an ongoing problem in our family. Your message on "Breaking Family Curses" brought a lot of relief to us.

One of the things I like about Dr. Davis' preaching is that he is not afraid to preach all the Bible.

I just watched the video "How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage." It is excellent and I would definately recommend this to anyone.

Your tape on anger is a real eye opener to the manipulations of Satan. I will forever remember who is behind me when I lift my voice in anger.

Last Updated on Saturday, 06 December 2008 10:16

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